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Specialty produce from the Methow Valley for the professional and home chef
what we grow
  • Salad Greens
  • Asian Greens
  • Heirloom Peppers
  • Heirloom Tomatoes
  • Microgreens
  • Eggs
  • A Whole Lot More!


We started growing so we could get things we couldn’t find anywhere else—and now you can get them too!


Meticulous Pick Lists We know consistency is critical, so when you need fifty nasturtium leaves, quarter-sized, we can help!
Last Minute Orders Feel free to text us in the morning, and we’ll get you your hop vine tips in time for service!
Farm Walks & Custom Orders Send your staff to the farm to select the very best each season has to offer.
Twisp Farmer's Market
Bulk Delivery to North-Central WA
CSA (coming 2022)
about the farm
Nettle Grove Farm is a 10 acre farmstead and market garden. We grow produce for the culinarily obsessed. We originally started growing so we could cook with varieties we couldn’t find anywhere else. In 2020, we moved the farm to the Methow Valley, so now we can share them with you!

Our goal is to offer unique, delicious ingredients. In selecting, growing, and harvesting crops we’re always considering how they will impact a finished plate, and constantly looking for new ways to innovate with flavor, texture, and appearance.

We use both traditional and modern biointensive farming methods to get the most out of our space while building healthy soil teeming with biology. The effort is rewarded with produce that is vibrant, flavorful, and nutritionally dense.

Ashley started working on farms after having narrowly escaped a job in a secret basement laboratory (this is an exaggeration; it wasn't actually secret). Volunteer work teaching people to grow food inspired her to make it a full-time gig.

Thus began her quest to learn from the best and brightest.After a few years at The Herb Farm Restaurant in Woodinville and other local farms, she moved to Kitsap County to branch out on her own in Poulsbo. After five years, she and her husband Mike moved the farm to Twisp to share the love on the other side of the mountains. Yes, some people show love with vegetables.